Thursday, August 18, 2011

Symbian Anna update enables NFC ship on the C7 !

Posted on 16:01 by SlipKoRnSaad

Hello folks, surely unless you're living under a rock, you know that since yesterday (today officially) symbian anna update is rolling out worldwide until the next week for some product codes for this week at least :

- Belgium
- China
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Egypt
- Finland
- Germany
- India
- Indonesia
- Kuwait
- Norway
- Poland
- Russia
- Sweden
- Thailand
- UK

Update 1 : Symbian Anna is now live on  7 more countries :

- France
- Spain (vanilla only)
- LatinAmerica incl. for example Argentina/Brazil (vanilla only)
- Ireland
- HongKong
- Romania
- Ukraine
For operator variants in France we will offer OviSuite updates only & for Ireland Symbian Anna is avialable only via OviSuite for the whole portfolio. For all other countries you can download over the air (via WiFi) or via OviSuite, whatever suits you better. 

- For everybody in the US & Canada: Symbian Anna is not available there yet - therefore you won't be able to update

- Same for Australia or European countries like Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia

- For everybody in Spain: you can only update if you are on a vanilla variant - Nokia are still working with operators to get the updates out for those variants

- For Italy: Symbian Anna has not been released there yet, so if you are for example on a TIM branded variant, you won't get the update yet

- If you are on a Swap variant, please visit your local Carepoint for the update, as it's not offered via OviSuite or OTA at the moment

Update 2 : Symbian Anna is now live on 2 more countries :

- Netherlands
- Portugal (vanilla variants only)

Also OTA files for Germany were published, which means that German customers can now additionally do over the air updates from today on.

Ps : full list of product codes that are now on Nokia servers


While my (Italian) N8 didn't show anything, i was lucky enough to have the update showing up on my C7 ! and guess what : the update enable the NFC (Near Field Communication) ship on it ! It allows you tap C7's together to share contacts, photos, video and play games. In addition, NFC-enabled accessories can be paired by tapping and the device can be used to read NFC tags.

PS : The Symbian Anna update takes the form of a firmware update to version 22.014 (or similar) and some additional software updates delivered va Sw update.

So, it will be necessary to carry out a two stage update process :

- The first stage will update the firmware to the Symbian Anna version. This includes a number of technical prerequisites for some additional Symbian Anna application update.

- The second stage will install some additional software and application updates (e.g. Quickoffice and Adobe reader, Microsoft Communicator etc?). The second stage can be done using the Sw Update application (look for Symbian Update 1/2 and Symbian Anna Update 2/2)

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