Wednesday, January 20, 2010

[Maemo 5 / N900 Apps] Call recorder widget !

Posted on 19:51 by SlipKoRnSaad

A simple widget to record the current phone conversation (AAC, 1 MB/min). Please be aware of local laws guiding the recording of telephone conversations!

Can also be used as a normal voice recorder.

Press ‘REC’ to start recording, make your call or record anything else using the in-built mic, press ‘REC’ again to stop.

Recordings are saved to MyDocs and can be played back through e.g. the File Manager.

Roadmap/ToDo (might get done someday):

- Make it look better
- Allow recording of bluetooth conversations
- Add option to choose saving location
- Add beeping option

Wishlist (no idea if possible or interest in doing it)

- Autostart
- Include contact info / phone number in filename

It is available for test and comment in extras-devel ;)

Via : maemonokian900

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