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ARound: Augmented Reality Browser Application !

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Over the last year many so-called "augmented reality" applications have been popping up, specially on the Android platform. While the concept is not new (research on the proper field of Augmented Reality dates back to the '90s), it has generated some media attention lately.

Unfortunately there is no mention so far of any similar application* on Symbian smartphones, so this project aims to fill the gap by providing a prototype application featuring the use of sensors, camera and location based services.

[*] Though we could consider Nokia Research Center's MARA project (2006) as the first attempt to bring this functionality on a Nokia smartphone.

The application overlays the image stream generated from the camera with markers of "Points of Interest" around the user. It has been developed for the Nokia N97 and Nokia Navigator devices.

Making use of plugins allows third-party developers to customize the application at different levels.

This is a basic diagram of the application's functionality:

The overall scene is dictated by the position and orientation determined by the sensors, which combined with the data retrieved from the source form the overall frame.


- Use of Data Source plugins, which allows third-party developers to add their ow n sources of information.
- Display different details of each point of interest, including hiperlinks to external resources.
- Being a pluggable component makes it possible for third-party developers to include it as a customized view into their applications.

For download :

S60 3rd edition FP2 (Nokia 6210 Navigator, 6710 Navigator, 6720 Classic, 5730 XpressMusic, N86)

S60 5th edition (Nokia N97)

Source : seqpoint

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