Saturday, September 26, 2009

N900 as Identity controller !

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onedotzero is a contemporary, digital arts organization with a remit to promote innovation across all forms of moving image and motion arts.

It’s activities encompass public events, artist + content development, publishing projects, education, production, creative direction, and related consultancy services.

This year, Wieden and Kennedy with Karsten Schmidt (aka toxi) created a Processing application that collects conversations around onedotzero from the web (Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, Facebook and blogs) and generates the onedotzero identity, the text was projected using a Nokia N900 ! (App written by Gary Birkett)

Visitors to the festival can move, re-write and manipulate the projection through a bespoke user interface created for the new Nokia N900 by Gary Birkett which harnesses the phone’s accelerometer and touch screen to create an instant response in the animation.

So instead of utilizing a Wii remote or Apple iPhone, both familiar, handheld devices with accelerometers in them, W+K opted for the jaunty, new soon-to-be-released N900 from its client, Nokia.

And Gary created an interface for the N900 for the accidental gameplayer handed the device. His app interprets a user’s twirling or shaking or screen-drawing for a seventh computer in Karsten’s array, which causes the huge projection to respond instantaneously.

To manage this, Gary used his own liqbase framework to create his application. And, like other liqbase modules, this controller will be distributed as open-source software.

Another video :

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