Friday, November 13, 2009

Samsung: 'We are investing further in Symbian "

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Samsung's Vice President Dong Zhou Li said two days ago that Samsung is abandoning the Symbian mobile phones. Now Samsung makes completely on. "We want to deny that in which the task. More Samsung Phones with Symbian is on its way and we invest further in Symbian, "said Samsung's Information to Mobile.

Contrary to what Samsung Dong Zhou Li claims Samsung is therefore invest further in mobile phones with Symbian.

- I want to refute the information provided will be that we would be going to abandon Symbian. We were one of the first members of the Symbian Foundation, and we will invest further in Symbian as one of our platforms, "says Erik Johannesson.

- We will continue to invest broadly, on Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile. The reasons why we do it is that we want to offer valalternativ to users.

So it was a misunderstanding that Dong Zhou Li would claim otherwise?
- I can not of course take back his statement in itself. But I can assure you that we invest further in Symbian. And it's not Samsung in Sweden who say this, I have talked to several people in Korea now, and Samsung's position is that we will invest further in Symbian.

Can we look forward to more Symbian phones from Samsung now then?
- Yes it is about New Symbian Phone from Samsung. Just such a thing as Omnia HD, running on Symbian, became this year's multimedia at Mobile Gala this year is an example of the type of phone is something we should continue.

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