Saturday, August 13, 2011

[How To] Fix Ovi Store Stucking On "Loading" Page

Posted on 23:24 by SlipKoRnSaad

Hello friends,

I just want to share with you a solution that i find finally to resolve the issue that i have out of the box with a brand new Nokia X7 that i'm testing since some days, the issue is that i can't go to "Account" or actually view the details of an app. I just get a white screen with "Loading".

- A hard reset didn't help
- Installation of the latest Qt Packages didn't help
- Reinstallation of the firmware didn't help
- Installing CNN International app from Nokia Beta Labs didn't help

Until i came accross the latest Ovi Store update v2.12.042 that did the trick ;)

So all you have to do is to download Ovistoreinstaller_V2.12.042.sisx (Or even V2.12.043) and enjoy !


Update :

Another detailed solutions to try :


- Install the following QT files on the C: drive of your phone in exactly this sequence


- While you install above QT files you MUST keep the following things in mind:

*Installation must be done to C: drive of the phone. If you by mistake select E: drive, you can cancel the installation and re-install again. If E: drive installation is complete, you can re-install one more time and select C: drive for installation.

*Installation order must be met. First it has to be QT (QtSA4.7.301.sisx).

- Start Ovi Store

Solution B:

- Launch the File manager on your phone (Typically found: Menu -> Applications -> Office -> File mgr.)

- Choose Options -> Find -> E: Mass memory -> Root folder
- In the “Find text:” window, type “*.sisx” (without double quote) and the select find.
- It will display many sisx files starting with “TMP”. Example: TMP3efa4.sisx.
- Now select Options -> Mark multiple items and now mark all sisx starting with “TMP”.
- After marking them select Options -> Delete and delete all of them.
- Start Ovi Store

Update 2 :

Try to downgraded Ovi Notifications Support and let me know it worked for me after Anna update !

Update 3 : (after anna update)

- Do a soft reset (*#7370#)
- Then a Master reset
- Reinstall the firmware (via ovi suite)
- Install 1&2 anna update
- Install ovistore

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