Sunday, September 13, 2009

I8910XXII1 Firmware : Awful Picture Quality But Disappointing !?

Posted on 14:30 by SlipKoRnSaad

Hi everybody,  as you may know, the Italian Omnia HD I8910XXII1 Firmware brings (among others) camera fixes and improvements, i was curious to see what has been done in reality (in comparison to the G2 firm) ! All pictures (except one) were captured in auto mode with assistance of flash or without, so let's see (you can click on the pic to enlarge):


After --> (More details can be seen as you may have noticed)


After --> (Flash management has been improved, colors are more real, and the picture is overall more detailed)


After --> (Edges/noises remind me my old N93 !!)


After --> (Hey, what's going on with luminosity management? have i to set up manually several settings to get the same results as above?)

Before (night mode)

After --> (Ok, i like the fact the picture is more detailed, but it could be better with luminosity management)

And some random pictures showing overall improvements (pictures are much more detailed, it remembers me the Pixon 8Mpix) :

This is noisy ! (true, it was captured in all auto, but the inner mode didn't help either...)

But overall, we see more details (and less noise) when the picture is assisted with flash !


After --> (so much noise !!)


After -->  (better flash management, but picture is noisy in the background)


After -->


After --> (Noise again, look at the top right corner)


After --> (No comments !!)

What do you think? Personally, I'm a bit confused about what to think, I'm somehow uncomfortable with that noise and flash management, sometimes, the results are awful, sometime, they're worsened !

Update : I guess, the solution is already here, i've played with sharpness settings, by default it's set up to 2, at "0" i have the "right" blur level...Enjoy !

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