Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is Your Nokia N8 Dead? Can't Turn It On, Or Charging It? Try This !

Posted on 11:26 by SlipKoRnSaad

Apparently, there's a nightmare of some N8 users over the world : The device fail to boot up after a freeze... If the device doesn't switch on, the device should be taken to Nokia care point for repair.

Before doing this, it's worth trying the following actions:

- Check if pressing the power button for 8 seconds solves the issue (this corresponds to the same thing that removing the battery does in the other devices)

- Check that the device is properly charged. When plugging in the charger (try the 2mm one and the USB one), check if the charging indicator on the left side of the phone (above the Micro USB connector) is lit or blinking. If the charging indicator is lit or blinking, the device is properly charging.

- If nothing happens, disconnect the charger and try again. Wait a few minutes because it can take some time before anything is seen if the battery has got empty.

If the device still cannot be switched on or charged, it's best to take it to Nokia care point for repair.

Ps : An odd a-non-long-term solution is to put the device on a freezer for about 20min but this will avoid your garantee...

Hope this is not a new Nokia-Freeze-Gate (or it will make Steve Jobs happy)...No official statement till now from Nokia about this issue (hardware or software), and i have to tell that mine crashes sometimes during the week for simple tasks, don't know if it's related to that...and if i have the same issue, i'll be a very very very angry Nokia Loyal User...i've dropped my iPhone 4 over the N8, finger crossed :)

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