Saturday, September 19, 2009

Get most of your Symbian device [Part 10] : Enable Cool Theme Effects (Kastor Effects)

Posted on 16:31 by SlipKoRnSaad

We know that Omnia HD, N97, 5800...come with theme effects feature that enable some transitions, fade in/ fade out when swaping menus etc but somehow, those effects are basic...we need some cool and gorgeous effects √† la iPhone...let's think about that for a moment...ok...your device must be hacked and open4all patch applied, you need also a strong file manager...ready?

1- Look at E:\patches and delete the existing c2z patch (if one).
2- Make your own c2z patch on your phone with the help of c2z Maker as below :

-- Select Options - Generate,and wait for a moment.
-- The c2z patch is generated in E:\c2z.rmp.
-- Cut it and paste it to E:\patches
-- Open Rompatcher and apply the patch and add it to auto (so it'll be applied every time you boot your device).

Ps : If c2z Maker crashes your phone, you can follow this way to create c2z patch ;)

3- Download for example trapezium effects the one i use (like showed on the video below) and then :

-- Copy effects folder to your memory card and then to c:\resource\

4- Turn Off/On theme effect and voilà !

You can download other effects and all you have to do is to overwrite the effects folder and then turn Off/On theme effect ;)

Some of them :

Nokia 5800 original effects
Mixed Grill
Flying Cherry
Swanky + Curtains (DM edit)
Swanky with 5800 animated app loader
Mixed Grill with 5800 animated app loader
Need for weed
Fast and stylish
Mash up
Flux (with particles)
Flux (w/o particles)

All credit goes to:

...for the theme effects
DM - for the curtains edit and the 5800 effects
Mr G (testing theme effects)

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