Wednesday, September 30, 2009

N900 Rolodex project !

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As explained before, Push N900, is a project organized by Nokia to promote their new N-Series smartphone the N900, in other words, it's a competition to hack or modify the N900, with its open-source Maemo operating system, to create a new innovative idea.

The friendly people from Hyper and Tinker it! were on show to demonstrate their 80s-tastic sample projects. They used the Viewmaster, the Rolodex, an FM Radio and, my favourite, the Speak & Spell.

This sample project by Hyper uses an Arduino connected to the Rolodex which detects the position of the wheel and sends that information, via bluetooth to the N900. Each position indicates a specific contact and displays the information on the screen of the N900.

Via : jenirodger

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