Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ovi Suite 2.0 Beta updated : Can now Install Apps

Posted on 20:44 by SlipKoRnSaad

Nokia’s Ovi Suite v2.0 just got an update today. The Suite can now Install .sisx and .jar apps on your S60 Device (Y’know, like PC Suite’s been able to for years now). There’s also better use of PC Memory, and a couple fixes & tweaks to Photo and Video Syncing.

Nokia Ovi Suite v2 Beta

Here’s what the post over at BetaLabs had to say :

* You asked support for application installation and that’s now working. Try double clicking your device application (.jar, .sisx) in PC and you should get your apps easily into device. This works great also, when downloading apps from web.

* In performance side, we’ve done lots of work related to memory consumption and trying to optimize load times. We hope to hear your feedback, please write your comments in this discussion thread

* We hope to hear also your comments about photos and music sync, lots of error fixes have been made and also performance should better compared to older Beta, you can comment that in this discussion thread

You can download the update over at the Ovi Suite V2 Beta Page on BetaLabs.

They seemed to have missed out the ability of Ovi Suite being operated from the System Tray Icon like you are able to with good ol’ PC Suite. Just like Commenter Mbrett says, I often prefer to keep the Suite in the System Tray and open onto the desktop when required.

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