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Google Voice for S60 !

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Necessity is the mother of all invention. Google Voice is great service but without a native app for Nokia phones placing a call through the Google Voice number was a major hassle. In addition, I needed a proof of concept app for developing and deploying an app with the 1.9.x PyS60 runtime. The end result is GoogleVoiceForS60.

In a nutshell, GoogleVoiceForS60 pulls a list of all your contacts, dialed, received and missed calls from the phone and allows you to initiate a phone call or send a SMS message to one of these numbers by using the Google Voice API.

This application is a work in progress and has not been extensively tested. Currently the only phone it was tested on is the Nokia N97. However, in theory it should work on all phones that support the pys60 1.9.x runtime.


For privacy reasons the screenshots were done by running the emulator version. There might be slight differences in look and fee in the real application.

List of phone contacts

List of phone contacts

Sending SMS through Google Voice

Sending SMS through Google Voice


  1. Download and install PIPS components
  2. Download and install the PyS60 1.9.7 runtime
  3. Download and install GoogleVoiceForS60_0_7_3.sis
Please make sure to install all three packages to the same drive (it does not matter if it’s the c: or e: drive)

What’s Next?

Next on the development agenda are the following items:
  1. Port dialog 0.3.0 extension to 1.9.x and support progress and wait dialogs for better user interaction.
  2. Add SMS send confirmation
  3. Add failed SMS and phone call notifications
  4. Bundle extension and runtime into a single SIS package
  5. Add Google Voice Inbox functionality (listening to voice mails, preview of voice mail etc.)
  6. Develop a new extension to allow query input longer than 80 characters

Change Log

Version 0.7.3
  • Improved exception handling
  • Added settings validation
  • Added invalid login detection
  • Added logic to send long SMS text as multiple SMS messages (although the input is limited to 80 chars at the moment due to the UI component limits)
Version 0.7.2
  • Added Received, Dialed and Missed call logs to the selection
  • Added SMS sending (free SMS through google voice)
Version 0.6.2

Initial alpha release

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