Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nokia N8 To Have AVI Codecs Out Of The Box after all?

Posted on 10:34 by SlipKoRnSaad

Well, when i was reading a preview from i came across to this sentence :

View unconverted video (tested on formats avi, mkv - reproduction is without problems, delays). This is the first Symbian-powered smartphone with preinstalled codecs, which is a big plus. Nice to have this functionality out of the box, without installing additional applications.

While it's not true that N8 is the first symbian powered smartphone which can read avi out of the box...there were Samsung INNOV8 and OMNIA HD...but it's interesting to know that the N8 will join the family...

Every week a new proto firmware is out, i hope Nokia will just keep that for the commercial N8 ;)

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CNB Says....

thanks for the new info...Eldar Murtazin in his review said it wasnt i am starting to doubt his review...hmmm