Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Maemo for mobile developers !

Posted on 15:49 by SlipKoRnSaad

The native programming language for Symbian OS devices is C++. So, any S60 developer can take advantage of the Hildon/GTK+ C++ bindings and easily start developing GUI applications for maemo devices. On the other hand, Windows Mobile extensively uses .NET Compact Framework. Writing managed code with .NET CF is quite different from programming with C++, which offers a more direct approach of handling available resources and gaining all the benefits the platform can give. This document demonstrates how a Symbian C++ or Windows Mobile .NET CF developer can get started with developing C++ applications for maemo.

Before you start to write your own C++ applications for maemo, learn more about the maemo platform and the Hildon Application Framework.

This document is intended for developers with Symbian C++ or Windows Mobile .NET Compact Framework programming experience who want to develop applications for the maemo platform. Additionally, developers with C++ background can use this document.

It is assumed that the reader has at least some basic knowledge about C++.

This document often refers to the phrase GNU/Linux workstation. This phrase also refers to the maemo SDK VMWare image run inside a Microsoft Windows workstation.

It is also assumed that the processor architecture for the GNU/Linux workstation is x86 or compatible.

For more information, see the Overview of the maemo platform!

Also, don't forget maemo.gitorious.org, the place where Maemo devices develops the Maemo platform in the open.

Naturally the upstream projects that are used by Maemo Devices will be developed at the upstream sources, while everything else Maemo Devices develops in the open will move to maemo.gitorious.org as time goes by.

The idea of having a single location is to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for and to have a simple way to contribute back.

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