Thursday, November 26, 2009

iSearch Widget updated to v.1.2 – new services added

Posted on 20:59 by SlipKoRnSaad

iSearch new version brings along new services – IMDb, eBay, Amazon, LyricWiki, Bing Images.


- Quickly launch searches for
- web sites google, bing
- images google, flickr, bing
- video youtube
- tweets twitter
- facts wikipedia
- news google news
- dictionary definr
- shopping ebay, amazon
- movies imdb
- lyrics lyricwiki
- more services will be added according to users wishes


- N97 homescreen support – just a big button, a limitation of the homescreen
- remembers the last search
- user definable default service
- setting for Auto-close launching a search – NEW!


You can
- Download the widget straight to your phone and install it when prompted
- Download the widget to your computer and email it to your phone
- Install it by using the Ovi Suite


26.11.2009 – Version 1.2 – added new services
29.7.2009 – Version 1.1 – added Auto-close setting, improved icon / graphics
28.7.2009 – Version 1.0

Download it!

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