Friday, November 27, 2009

New Open Video Hub Version (1.0.39) Ready To Download !

Posted on 06:14 by SlipKoRnSaad

Read about this :

Most important things from our TODO list (and the most wanted one) have been accomplished. New version of Open Video Hub is ready to download - and yes, the SIS installation packages are already signed - so no further actions in order to install the software is required.

Before installing this version (1.0.39) please remove previous installation (1.0.38). Also, on some phones it might be required to reboot the device after installation before the application can be started. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Todo List :

- Allow users to define categories in "Saved clips" and move clips around categories.

- Add option to start playback from user defined (in seconds) position.

- Add ability to access user videos/favorities/playlists/subscribed channels on youtube. Might require adding new functions to the plugins API.

- Fix help and documentation to reflect the changes in scale change settings.

- Enable playlist support, fix any remaining problems and bugs.

- Shuffle playlists using accelerometer and shake.

- Add a code that warns user about transfer manager not being empty when exit is being called.

- Support for KCapsVideoDownload flag in gvh app. Do not show that plugin on the list, and on the tabs. Only on the upload dialog.

- Seeking doesn't work with youtube clips. Check the demuxer for possible problems with index handling.

- Add ability to display more than one thumbnail. When user waits on one entry download them and change using timer.

- Use the new OSD (for touch UI) as default. It has to be modified to support scaling the interface down.

- Enable FindBox in Saved Clips. Since this code was not tested, heavy bugfixing might be required.

Download it !

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