Wednesday, December 9, 2009

[PART 3] N900 Audio Test Vs 5800XM, Omnia HD and N95 8GB

Posted on 22:07 by SlipKoRnSaad

As promised yesterday, here is the third part of the head to head audio quality test, this time i choosed to plug the Tv Cable to a Tv Set to see how the N900 performs against the 5800XM, the Omnia HD and the N95 8GB, some nice surprises to check out :

In addition, i grabbed my Sennheiser HD 448 to make some comparisons and the results was somehow the same as the ones on the video above, i see that the N95 8GB has a "normal" rendering sound in a way it has an average bass and trebles output but the N900 has surprisingly deeper and clearer sound (even if i set up the N95's EQ to bass boost mode, the N900 is still a little ahead !), when it comes to the 5800, sure it has deeper bass rendering than both the N95 8GB and N900 but a lower volume, also no Cristal clear sound, it's the Omnia HD who wins this race (Cristal sound effect) as you can see/hear.

For the N900, the lack of equalizer will make things a little difficult for some earphones/headphones to provide sound as how it's meant to sound.

In summary, the N900 has a really, really great potential when it comes the sound delivered by the earphones/headphones, it just needs hardware access to EQ and i'm sure it'll beat the best in class ;)

Anyway, i'll go much deeper in my detailed review, if you've some questions or tests you want me to make, just leave a comment :)

Ps : Please do not confuse speaker sound quality with the quality on the headphone jack

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