Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flash 10.1 on the N900 !

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At the MAX 2009 conference Adobe demonstrated a new version of Flash, 10.1, running on the Nokia N900. Flash 10.1 is important because it is the first realisation of the Open Screen Project, which looks to create a consistent runtime environment, across multiple platforms, for creating rich multimedia experiences. Key features of Flash 10.1 include support for HD video and hardware accelerated graphics and video.

Maemo 4 and 5 have support for the full version of Flash, but most mobile devices use Flash Lite, which is effectively a sub set of 'full' Flash. Thus with version Flash 10.1 there is a greater degree of consistency between mobile ad desktop versions of Flash. This cuts the costs of developing cross platform content.

In the video below the N900 is the first device used to demo Flash 10.1. The video goes onto to demo Flash 10.1 running on Android and Windows Mobile smartphones, netbooks and other devices.

You can learn more over here !

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