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[REVIEW] Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-905 : Part 1

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When I heard about the Nokia BH-905 “high performance” Bluetooth headphones with active noise reduction, my cynical side immediately kicked in. I mean, what could be so “high performance” about Bluetooth headsets?

 The kind folks from Nokia and WOMWorld met my cynicism head-on and sent a pair of their Nokia BH-905 to test things out

So let’s see… Nokia states this about their headphones : 

- Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 
- Headset Profile (HSP) 1.2, 
- Hands-Free Profile (HFP) 1.1, 
- A2DP 1.2
- 3.5mm Nokia AV (3.5mm standard jack) connectivity
- Frequency Response: 15Hz to 20kHz
- Advanced Wolfson Microelectronics myZone Ambient Noise Cancellation for up to 99% noise reduction
- 10 microphones – 8 for noise canceling, 2 for capturing speech in loud surroundings
- Talk Time: 24 Hours, 15 Hours with noise cancellation active
- Music Playback: 25 Hours, 16 Hours with noise cancellation active
- Standby Time: Up to 600 Hours

But hey, before going deep in technical details and performance let's see what we've got between our hands :

The box of the helmet is shaped rigid shell and oval, which is very original, and its opening is made by sliding the slide along the hull.

Package Contents

- Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Nokia BH-905
- Case Nokia CP-298
- Audio Cable Nokia CA-143U 3.5mm  (~1.2m)
- Audio Extension Cable AC-144U (~ 1.7m)
- Nokia AV Adapter AD-52 
- Nokia AV connector 2.5mm
- Nokia Audio Adapter AD-63 connector for standard 3.5 mm
- Nokia Adapter AD-71 while traveling in flight
- Nokia Adapter AD-70 connector with 6.3 mm (Home Stereo)
- Nokia Charger AC-5
- Guide

All connectors are gold-plated, guarantee of longevity and especially quality signal transmission !

The upper and the cushions are upholstered in leather and a dense and fluffy foam. It is not possible to feel the metal frame in the range.

The Nokia BH-905 isn’t cheap. But it’s not built cheap. It doesn’t feel cheap. It doesn’t look cheap. And it doesn’t work cheaply either 

Media buttons on the right cone. Play/Pause, Rewind and Fast forward. Also Volume up/down. All the basics.

The Power button is a Multifunction key for answer/end, voice dial, and redial.

Also, the standard 2.5 mini-jack output is in bottom right corner before the little Notification LED.

In the left, we find the :

- ANC (Ambient Noise Cancellation) slide switch
- Rectangular LED (red when charging, or when the battery is empty, green when the ANC is on)
- The charger plug

As great as the BH-905 looks, it looks ridiculous when you wear it, and for those who have a big head, the Nokia BH-905 can expand several inches. 
Positioned on the head and ears, the Nokia BH-905 is very comfortable to wear. In practice, it does not overwrite the user's ears ^^

Made out of plastic the black plastic along with the silver metallic and plastic make a overall good appearance. Due to the soft ear pads it feels really comfortable and good.  Furthermore you can adjust the headset so that it fits perfect to your head-size. When siting, walking or lying it headset sits good. However, when making fast movements it falls of your head easily.

Last but not least, the presence of a cable connection and many adapters clearly show that this helmet is very versatile and can be used with numerous devices

Side by side with the BH-503

What's Hot

- Pairing and switching the BH-905 on or off, is accompanied with an Audio Beep so that you know what’s going on, while wearing them.
- The retail package comes with every sort of Adapter you’d want

- Very comfortable to wear
- High build quality

What's Not 

- The sides are slightly curved and give an impression of "big head"
- It may falls of your head easily when moving fast

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