Saturday, October 3, 2009

PUSH N900 : Rewind !

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We have seen this week some highlights on Nokia Push N900 project ! Let's have a rewind about some cool projects seen so far !


Client: Hyper / Nokia! collaborated with Hyper to create a series of interactive products that illustrate the power of the new Nokia N900 & Maemo, showing the different ways in which it is open and flexible to the creative communities.! built 4 discrete interventions, using the theme of much-loved 1980s toys and products, to highlight the new and impressive functionalities of the N900 and encourage a wider audience to take part in that conversation with the PUSH competition.

Now in 3D

Remember those red and blue paper glasses? Did you see Jaws 3D or Friday the 13th Part 3?
Using the Nokia N900's 5-megapixel camera and 800 X 480 widescreen display, you can create your own 3D memories. Look into the Viewmaster® to see miniature 3D images, or put on glasses to watch the show. Then create your own photo!

Talk & Text

When E.T. needed to call his friends for a lift home, he hacked a Speak & Spell© to send an interplanetary text message. Now, with the help of the Nokia N900's phone functionality and the Maemo platform , you too can text your friends using this much-loved childhood toy.

Leave a message

With a Rolodex© to keep track of phone numbers and newly available answering machines to take messages, businesses in the 1980s no longer missed that important phone call. Now, of course, contacts and voice mail are seamlessly integrated into the N900’s user interface. Travel back in time to call your favorite characters from Saturday morning cartoons.

Phone FM

In the 1980s, we started to listen to music differently. Mix tapes, walkmen, and portable boom boxes allowed people to make personal soundtracks and share them with friends. These days, you can create and share a playlist with just a few clicks. Text your favorite 80s musician to the Nokia N900, and tune in to your playlist on an old school radio.

In addition to these devices,! produced a Hacker's Guide to the N900 showing how to access the device if you want to use it to make similar projects happen.

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