Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[Maemo 5 / N900 Apps] Mussorgsky 0.4 : Metadata editor !

Posted on 06:08 by SlipKoRnSaad

Mussorgsky is a tool to set the basic metadata in the audio files so the music collection management can be done completely on the maemo device, without the help of a desktop computer.

In fremantle/maemo5 we have tracker to retrieve the information of the music files and make the life of Music Player developers easier. It is really cute to browser your music “by artist”  but in my case (and i guess i am not the only one) the metadata of my music files is far from perfect and unified (songs without title, without album, misspellings in artists names, no album art at all and so on). There are a lot of programs out there to fix this problem (e.g easytag) but they all require a PC, and i want to edit this stuff directly on the tablet !
Some features that should help you to have a even more beautiful Album view in your N900 media player:

- By default mussorgsky uses “artist + album” to search online for the album art. Now it is possible to choose manually the search string to find better results:

- Added the alternative to unset the album art, reverting it to the default icon
- The list of songs can be filtered, switching between “all songs” or “songs with incomplete metadata”
- Albums with special characters in their name (like ‘&’) are now handled correctly.

And few UI improvements here and there:

- The buttons in the main screen have now shadows with rounded corners when clicked
- The play, next, back buttons in the edit view come from the mediaplayer theme
- When a song has no metadata at all, it is listed using its filename

It is already available in extras-devel, hope you enjoy it. And finally, thanks to Eric, Aapo and Claudio for their very valuable comments and help!

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