Monday, January 3, 2011

Top predictions for mobile in 2011 !

Posted on 23:14 by SlipKoRnSaad

Usually i don't write about such things, but hey, 2010 was an exciting year for mobile technology, and i'm sure, as many of you, dear readers, that the next 12 months are sure to bring even more advancements, services, gadgets and nice products, thanks to the constant agressive war between phone and OS manufacturers that push things further and further. Indeed, here’s what I’m expecting, and even hoping, to see from the mobile technology space this year.

Nokia : 

- I guess Nokia’s smartphone market share will stabilize between 38 - 40% as cheaper Android phones will flood the market by the second half of the year, from Samsung mainly.

- The company will continue to tout MeeGo, which will become available in the form of 4 devices in 2011, (3 handsets and 1 tablet).

- Symbian will be stronger, 2011 will be the year of the "half-way" come back (the user experience will be improved a lot).

- It'll be probably insane but i expect to see Windows Phone 7 on a Nokia device later this year, but, as a short-term trial strategy for both parties.

- OVI services will be improved a lot :

* I expect to see some OVI Movie service with high def content Dolby Digital Plus powered.

* OVI Store will do fine, i hope we'll see some UI overhaul as well.

Android OS Improvements :

- Android phones will come closer to rivaling the user experience of Apple iOS devices. Until that, i'll get an Android device.

Tablets :

- 2011 would be the year of the tablet : BlackBerry, Motorola, HP, more from Samsung and at least one model from Nokia.

Others :

- The companies that make the image sensors in smartphones are also introducing models that support 1080p video, which means full HD on a mobile phone by the end of the year (from SonyEricsson and Nokia)

- Flash is going to be less adopted mobile technology by the end of the year but not dead.

- Location based services will be expanded.

Well, those are my top predictions for mobile in 2011, but i want to hear yours. Let me know what trends, devices and technologies you expect to see take hold in the mobile space in the new year !

Happy new year to y'all :)

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