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[Head To Head] : C7 vs N8 Pictures Shots (Part 1) !

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Hello folks, hope you're all doing well !

Starting with the E52 and E55, Nokia has been using EDOF cameras on its non imaging-centric devices, and the fact that 85% of the Symbian^3 lineup, namely the C6-01, C7, E7, X7 and E6 all lack autofocus is a result of a strategy underestimating the average customer! How is that?

I’m not going to bore you with yet another explanation on how an EDOF camera works, but it’s essentially a fixed focus camera with added software tricks that ensure everything in the shot that is more than 50cm away from the lens is ‘in focus’.

Results? close-up shots are impossible with a Noka EDOF camera, i said Nokia EDoF camera and not EDoF camera ! What's the difference then?

EDOF is not the problem. Nokia's choice of EDof is. If you google EDOF DOP7+ and read about it, you can see that DXO already have EDOF that can get 10cm to infinity sharp : That includes documents, barcodes and whatever that is the main rant against it ! And in China, Bird handset already have 3.2 EDOF that can focus 15cm to infinity since years back.

So why did Nokia choose the EDOF that only goes 50cm to infinity? Hope Damian Dinning will answer this question.

But that’s not all. You see, EDOF doesn’t really work as well as Nokia says it does, at least in my experience, 50% of shots or subjects inadvertently turn out blurry especially moving objects/persons, partially because I don’t have the control over the camera’s focus and because i just "point & shoot" as it's intended to work, right?  (even if the guys over AAS are trying hard to "convince" the 90% people that this is the "right" choice for them)

So you'll say that it's a point of view of a "power user" used to an autofocus camera...then, i'd say not necessarily, I understand Nokia's argument that EDOF cameras are easier for normobs to use as compared to autofocus cameras, but is my sister or my wife a power user? i guess they are not ! and when both of them tell me "why my C7 takes a blurry pictures? My 6700 (and N73) toke a better pictures !" then i'd say : Nokia, you screwed it again ! No matters what "great" technology behind that EDoF (enhanced fixed focus after all...) but it just doesn't work as we wish it to do (as advertised) !

So i just picked up my sister's C7 against my N8 and the results were good, really good but that's because i was taking my time to shoot pictures, but you have my word that i'll continue with a second part when i'll push the test even harder in an everyday use and you'll be surprised (and disappointed) ;)

Well, anyway, it's show time !

--> C7 followed by the N8 !

Everything is in focus, sharp picture, excellent even in color rendering !

Now the N8 did completely a different job by focusing on the palm tree and "ignoring" the right building resulting in overall dim result

C7 = 1
N8 = 0

Again, for the C7, everything is in focus and sharp, take a look at cars, excellent job !

Now look at the N8, all cars are blurred in comparison that's because is focuses on the center.

C7 = 1
N8 = 0

Should i repeat it again? Mainly take a look at the commercial white vehicle and the black car on the up right corner and then jump to the N8 result

Well, the N8 blurred corners again in.

C7 =1
N8 = 0

Parabolas and the building on the right corner are sharp, excellent

The exact reverse effect for the N8 on the right corner

C7 =1
N8 = 0

C7 = N8

The noise management is good, very good in such a complex lighting condition

The same goes for the N8, but this little red hue annoys me and gives unnatural rendering, i'm surprised, i prefer the C7 result though

C7 = N8 (each one is better on some precise areas)

The TV Screen is a little bit washed in comparison with the N8

Great focus on the main object, color rendering is excellent also !

C7 =0
N8 =1

Again, same as above, but overall result remains very good

Again, excellent focus on the main object, good color rendering and great noise management

C7 = 0
N8 = 1

C7 = N8 (Except excellent color rendering by the N8)

For the rest of examples, i'll use flash in some dedicated situations and i have to say that the C7 does a good job but fails when capturing "heads" and "faces"...(which i cannot post here, i've to find some volunteers to be ok to show their faces)

C7 = 0 (i want really to say C7 = N8 but the xenon is just amazing)
N8 =1

C7 = N8 surprisingly !

In a complete dark, C7 does an excellent job it reminds me of the N86 !

Have i really to comment on that? :-P

C7 = 0
N8 = 1 (everything is in focus this time !)

C7 = 0
N8 = 1

So as you see, for this part 1, the C7 does really a great job, but if and only if you take your time to capture the moment and really as Nokia advertise it (point & shoot)...If i set up the N8 in landscape mode for 4 first scenes, we'll have a final score of C7 = 0 and N8 = improved fixed-focus camera, yes, but it’s nowhere near as capable as an autofocus unit, we are all aware of that and if EDOF is so great, why don't all point-and-shoot cameras, even the most bargain-basement, tailored-to-new-users models use it?

For me Nokia follow a contradictory strategy, they want and push people to "share good quality" pictures over social networks but how on the earth is this possible if even photos of you and your friends come out blurry because everyone would be too close !?

This attempt to "educate" people about using a "new" technology isn't working the right way, i mean, did you see the success of the iPhone being the most used camera phone on some social networks? People don't even know it features an autofocus, and sorry, but for "point & shoot" it does the job and does it brilliantly !

Stay tuned for the second part when some more interesting results and more detailed comments will come out :)

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