Wednesday, June 8, 2011

[Hacking] BOOM! RomPatcher3 for S^3 is live now !

Posted on 00:13 by SlipKoRnSaad

Hello folks ! To continue the series of symbian^3 hacking and mods, it's time to present you the little bomb dropped by CODeRUS

Requirements :

- Hacked Symbian^3 device
- QT 4.7.3

RomPatcher3 for S^3 can:

- take patches from patches dir on drives Z, F, E, C

- apply good patches

- do not display bad patches

- autorun and apply patches

- show patches info

Tricks and tips:

- lamp-patch activator

- switcher-autostart

- duck-patch info

- other elements are texted =)

Something else:

- Application only for hacked S^3 phones

- Can be installed on any drive

- Drives have priority from Z to C

- Old symbian patches wont work

- New patches will be made as soon as possible

- Application include 2 patches: open4all and Remove Recording Tone

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