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N900 gaming case mod project

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In case you have no idea on pushing the nokia N900, it’s a bone fide competition where hackers, designers and creative types can submit their ideas, the winners bagging funding, support and kit to make them happen. Once the ideas are reality, they’ll be put on show in Nokia Flagship stores around the world.

One of several and original project, is the idea to create a shell around the existing N900 to make it large enough to be able to place gaming buttons. On each side of the shell we want buttons for the thumbs and on the shoulders some more for the index fingers. On the side of the case a battery pack is placed to give the the N900 and case extra battery power. This will allow us to play for hours and hours. If room permits we plan on adding more utilities like lights, speakers or a electric shock generator.The shell and controls are ergonomically designed for handheld use. This will ensure the device can be used while standing or in a car a park or anywhere else.

This is a project to create a N900 case-mod to allow a better gaming experience on the new Maemo N900 device. It is a submission in The Nokia PUSH N900 contest . The N900 is Nokia’s first Maemo device with enough CPU and graphics power to run comfortably one of the many game console emulators available the the Maemo platform. A quick look at The Maemo.org games download page shows that already may games have been ported to Maemo. But there are a few challenges with using the Maemo devices for gaming. One of the challenge with running those games is handling user input as Nokia’s NXX0 series device don’t have input methods that are very well suited to gaming. An second challenge is keeping battery life when running emulator because they are CPU intensive and power saving features like dimming the screen are unwanted. This proposal tries to address these challenges while keeping the N900 a portable device.

This is a video explaining a little more the rationales behind the project. This is a sample not the real thing

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