Friday, September 4, 2009

Samsung I8910 Omnia HD gets an Update : I8910SERII2 (3 september)

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As promised !

Scr000008 by you.Scr000002 by you.

The Samsung I8910 Omnia HD has been updated again. Currently the firmware is available for Hong Kong and Russia only . However, the firmware will be available for futher product codes in due course. A nice looking 3D TaskSwitcher has been added, Flaslite has been updated and Bluetooth has been optimized. More over, the layout of the QWERTY keyboard has been improved as well the zooming function. There are a few other changes which you can see on the picture below.


changesi2 Samsung I8910 Omnia HD gets an Update

After all, you can download the full changelog
over here !

Hey, you can also zoom in/out in the mediabrowser with a finger wisp up or down ;)
Sadly, there's no Video-editing software !

The firmware update will be officially available in the beginning of the next week. Development has taken longer than expected due to the integration with the new Application Store will open on September 14 ;)

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