Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nokia N97 v20 Firmware: A Hands-On Experience !

Posted on 08:00 by SlipKoRnSaad

EverythingBlaxx from n97fanatics had the privilege of getting a hands-on with a Nokia N97 running v20.0.005 firmware !

Here's some highlights :

- Nokia added their ‘Connecting People’ slogan underneath their logo when the phone boots up
- The phone starts up with ~45MB of free RAM (RAM stays consistently in the 30-35MB range while you’re actively using it)
- when you press on the name of the profile currently in use (a new option there called ‘Edit active profile’ will pop up)
- Letters to the dialpad on the homescreen added.
- Web browser got a small update from v7.1.13841 -> v7.1.17475
- Add the Artist names to the list view when you’re scrolling through Albums in your Music Library.
- kinetic scrolling EVERYWHERE

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