Saturday, November 7, 2009

Get most of your Symbian device [Part 15] : Nokia 5800 Cooked Homescreens Till Now !

Posted on 11:38 by SlipKoRnSaad

As seen before, here is the : Orange Cooked Homescreen MOD:

1.Make a backup copy of your c:\sys\install\sisregistry\1028315f folder.

2.Just copy resource and sys folder from the attachment given below to your C drive

3.Restart now go to Home screen settings you will get that Orange Home Screen…. that's all !

Thanks a lot To Rem_dm Aka Remon from Bangladesh for this amazing Work

Download it !

5530 Homescreen Inital Cooked Part:

First this is just a ripping off of icons in 5530 homescreen as its placed down not in the up as 5800

Crazyyen have done this porting thanks a ton to him :

1. Download

2.Then goto ActiveFile or any other file manager app (Your Phone Must Be hacked !)

3.Then in ActiveFile Goto settings and click show hidden files and system files option

4.Then unzip the zip file and replace the files

5.Then restart your phone

6.You will get a extra option in homescreen theme !

Samsung Omnia HD Cooked Homescreen:

Here is the another homescreen MOD by steven25 from dailymobile, thanks a lot to him for his work :


2.Then extract the contents of the zip file to the c:\private\

3.You need rompatcher installed with C2Z patch enabled for this homescreen to work

4.Then goto Homescreen Theme and select basic

5.Enjoy the new Cooked Homescreen

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