Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WordPy 2.0 On Maemo 5 !

Posted on 19:21 by SlipKoRnSaad

What about a blogging client for the N900 that supports Wordpress, Blogger, and Livejournal?

maemotalk is already testing WordPy 2.0, a Maemo 5 look, sporting new, much professional looking screens and buttons.

It lets you easily pull in images on your blog post from your local N900 drive(s), Flickr, and/or Picasa, and even gives you the option to proportionally resize, crop, roatate, flip, colorize, and change the brightness of images.

You have the option of crearting new tags and categories, although you can pull all your pre-defined tags and categories from your blog system as well. While it works great, I wish the way to select tags and categories would mimic the way you tag images and videos on the Maemo 5 gallery app.

Another feature that I like is that it lets you retrieve previous blog entries, edit, and post changes, direct from your N900. It lets you even manage comments, letting you add, approve, and delete comments on a specific blog entry.

This is easily a killer app for bloggers and I can see myself using it to blog anytime anywhere with just an N900.

WordPy 2.0 is still in extras-testing. Hopefully it gets released in Extras soon.

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