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[E6 REVIEW] Part 1 : Let me introduce myself !

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Hello folks,

Here i am, with a new symbian to review for you, and this time we're back to the other niche in the industry of Nokia, E-Series devices ;)

Our star is the E6 and i will let it briefly introduce itself :

E6 : Hello everybody, glad to be a part of 2011 events in this complex and a rocket growing industry, without the help of the great design team and the great effort of the software one, i could never be alive and continue the great path and work of my father and the E-Series family :)

Why choose me will you wonder? I'll reply and say : It's all about the user experience, and let me say that  with me, you'll be delighted and more productive !

How? First of all, the screen ! Yeah, If you wanted more screen resolution than you had on your Nokia E72, Nokia E71 or Nokia E61 (320 x 240 px), your dream becomes true ! I'll provide you a doubled resolution (640 x 480 px) yeah, a VGA resolution compacted in 2.46-inch TFT capacitive touch screen display with gorilla glass, so you'll be delighted viewing the web contents, photos, videos and your documents !

Sorry, already a question? Yeah go ahead :

Me : "Why not choosing a 2.8" desplay like on the E61? or your rival Samsung Galaxy Pro?"

E6 : Great question : while (the E72 has 114 x 58.3 x 10.1 mm and E71 has 114 x 57 x 10 mm ) the E61 has 118 x 70 x 14 mm in a similar form factor but with a much larger 2.8" screen and more spacious keyboard I provide you a size of 115.5 x 59 x 10.5 mm the best of both E72 and E61 worlds so you can still use your device with one hand comfortably and still i remain in a conventional dimensions !  and a final addition,  Samsung Galaxy Pro has only 320 x 240 pixels screen resolution all in all...

Me : "given it’s not an AMOLED, it could suffer from brightness issues under direct sunlight !"

E6 : "Don't worry, i've the brightest LCD panel ever putted into smartphone, more than double the brightness of the E72, so you shouldn’t have any problems with the Nokia E6 outdoors, let's not forget a better contrast-ratio from what you've seen on my brothers !"

Me : "From 600 MHz on the E72 to 680 MHz isn't that much, worse scenario is when comparing with Samsung Galaxy Pro and its 800 MHz processor"

E6 : "Haha, i'm not that hungry and don't need more calories to get the job done, i just work ! And you'll feel no lags or slowness, thanks to thev2D/3D Graphics HW Accelerator with OpenVG1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0 support, so all the graphic tasks are done separately, also thanks to the latest optimised Anna update ;)"

Me : "Talking about Anna, do you mean you offer a touch screen experience like touch and type models from Nokia?"

E6 : "Absolutely, i'm a touch and type model too, and i can tell you, it's a great addition to the user experience , you've the best of the both worlds, type your texts faster than ever, thanks to the great keyboard, the best of the best till date, and for other operations, like scrolling menus, web pages, gallery, homescreen, use the touch screen, and you'll agree with me that all operations will be just faster !"

Me : "What's the point then of the D-Pad, not even an Navi Pad like on the E72, i feel there's a lot of wasted space, you could used this space to offer a bigger screen"

E6 : "Absolutely, i don't understand that either, it's confusing, lol"

Me : "What about existing Symbian apps? given the different screen ratio?"

E6 : Err, essential applications work fine, but give developer some more time to adapt their apps to my screen resolution, haha"

Me : "this bring bad memories, like what happened with the era of N80 vs N73 and the rest...why should i consider you as a business model, final words?"

E6 : "Well, all those things that are important to CTOs like hardware-assisted encryption, remote policy enforcement and VPN compatibility, i ensure them out of the box, USB OTG 1.3 to attach any USB peripheral, use cases only limited by your imagination, Bluetooth 3.0 for faster file transfer, 802.11b/g/n for better and faster wireless web experience, all in a compact package, great hardware with a better battery life and with a touch and type experience !"


Well after playing with the device for 5 days by now, i can say that the first thing i was chocked by is the extreme resemblance to the blackberry models, mainly in its black color, i don't know if it's a good or a bad thing that people will identify this device as a blackberry, or blackberry copy/paste model, for me it's a bad thing because the E6 will have no identity !

Let me say this, Nokia, you have to push the white models and other colors instead of the black one, really...even if black is more professional, but you've to try to set the trend !

 In other hand, i was pleased by overall experience, the combination of touch and hardware keyboard in such a compact format is a success, i find myself more "productive" in a way that all informations are accessible in a second, device is fast and texts are typed faster than ever, email application has been improved a lot and it's fast, but i'm not it works as intended, will develop that later on (follow me on twitter), web experience is more convenient thanks to the new revisited anna browser, also the screen resolution is a great plus for its resolution but not for its type, i still prefer AMOLED renders... battery life is ok, i have to use it more before i give the final verdict, but first impressions are good so far, nearly 1/2 day more than my N8 with more use !

More to come in a detailed review soon as usual, but it'll be different from my other reviews ;)

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