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[E6 REVIEW] Part 3 : Im I The Messenger !?

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Is it true that the great combination of the outstanding QWERTY keyboard, the rich featured Symbian^3 (and the "Anna" optimizations) and the touch screen makes the E6 a great messenger (device)?

Conversation view, and auto-correction
An SMS can be turned into an MMS simply by attaching an image or video. The messaging app supports both threaded and folder views.

 The E6 has preconfigured setup wizards for Gmail, Exchange, Windows Live and Yahoo! accounts, along with generic POP/IMAP support, though barring Exchange there’s no true push-email, only the somewhat vague “soonest” setting. 

Beyond that, though, it’s a solid implementation, with multiple email accounts supported simultaneously – though no universal inbox – and sensible keyboard shortcuts for things like replying or starting new messages. Unfortunately, the homescreen email widget only shows the two most recent mails, and there’s no way to expand that, we have to wait for the belle update which resolve this issue it seems.

Messages can be ordered by various criteria such as date, sender, subject, priority or even by attachments, searching is available as well.

 Where the E6 edges ahead is, again, in its display resolution, with text clean and – if your eyes are up to it – readable from lower levels of zoom than

As showed here, the full support of a meeting request is a huge plus !

However, punching in your Google account details doesn’t sync your calendar entries, and nor does it automatically pull down your contacts into the E6′s address book. You can search the server for contacts, though. 

Social networking, meanwhile, is handled by the Nokia Social app, which offers Facebook and Twitter support along with a basic homescreen widget. It’s not as fully integrated as on Android. 

Carried over from previous Symbian versions is the native SIP VoIP support, which works well.

Anyway as what was being said, within the Contacts app, two additional tabs provide contact grouping and integration with Microsoft Communicator mobile. The Communicator tab automatically sets up a contact's details once the connection has been made between the phone and the relevant Microsoft Office communications server, which can be located behind a corporate firewall.

Contacts can be accessed through the Contacts app or on the home screen by typing contact's name or company name, which will show an updating list of contacts with that number/letter combination in their details but what's more interesting is if you tape the green call key from any screen, you'll bring the live contact search screen ! (like on C7 and C6)

Ps : IM usernames entered in the Contacts app don't pull through to Ovi Chat, and vice versa, so we're still sticked to the software integration big issue. The Chat app also doesn't remember user details when setting up or changing services, requiring you to enter username and password details for all IM services separately. It seems disjointed that this information isn't added to the global Nokia/Ovi username system.

Unlike on the E72, that D-pad doesn’t function as an optical trackpad, though i didn’t miss the option, plus it'll be confusing with the touch screen

I wish if the D-Pad of the E6 was the same as on the E5

The keyboard of the E61 remains one of the most spacious but impossible to write a text with one hand on it, the E6 however can !

The keyboard of the E5 is the only keyboard that can match the E6's one !

Hold on what is this!? Oh yeah, do you still want a 2.8" on your E6? I guess not...or am i wrong?

So, what frustrates me about a business oriented "smartphone" is that :

- There's still no real push !

- Emails are not immediately deleted from the server on some cases 

- There's still the 2Mb limitation for attachments and this is frustrating nowadays ! 

- No universal inbox

- I want some magic iOS touch here, if the email contains a PDF file, show me the PDF straight instead of an extra tape to save it or open it with dedicated application, if it contains a picture, or song or whatever, let the appropriate application integrates with the email client :)

- I want some Maemo 5 magic as well, allow me to send a rich html featured mail (bold, colors etc.)

For email client, while it's rich in features it has still some limits despite faster than previous versions but i'm missing the reliability of the N900 client and some iOS magic touch ;) 

All in all, the E6 is really a great messenger and even without its QWERTY keyboard, we can still consider it as a good messenger thanks to the integrated advanced features of symbian^3 (and Anna optimizations) and the full support of meeting requests ;)

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