Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DreamConnect : A Powerful Contact Manager

Posted on 07:39 by SlipKoRnSaad

Adapted from the award-winning UIQ version, DreamConnect for S60 includes many ground-breaking features to let you manage your contacts more effectively on a S60 smartphone. Its array of user friendly features overcomes issues found in the standard Contacts and offers a superior way to find, view, edit and organise your contacts.

DreamConnect gives you faster access to the information you need and safeguards your valuable data from loss while editing. Unique fetaures include:

- Fast filter with key match, or global find to quickly search for information within your contacts database.
- View contact's details at a glance with business card layout, showing more than triple the amount of information than the standard Contacts on one screen.
- One touch preferred number calling, direct from your contact's list.
- Organise your contacts in hierarchical categories to accurately reflect real life relationships.

DreamConnect replaces the standard Contacts, uses your existing database and synchorises the way the standard Contacts does

See for yourself how DreamConnect's features can help you to be more productive.

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