Wednesday, October 21, 2009

JoikuBoost : Multiplexing WiFi Tethering software for Smartphones !

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JoikuBoost multiplies your mobile internet Speed.

JoikuBoost joins multiple 3G connections from mobile phones and operator networks into one larger unified and shared bit pipe, accessible over WiFi from e.g. laptops.

You can create your personal 4G WiFi Network over 3G today, and boost your mobile internet experience into a totally new level. You can add multiple Boosters to your WiFi hub and add to your overall mobile internet capacity and network connection speed.

JoikuBoost bases on an entirely new 3G internet communications protocol developed by Joikusoft. JoikuBoost is unique in the world, and Beta version is released to gain Joiku-user feedback on UI, feature and functionality wishes, common use cases for the solution and beta stage performance and bug reports. Please report any feedback at or share publically via our dicussion forums.

Speed is an actual market dilemma in mobile internet. The actual user evidenced speed deviates a lot from market promises. JoikuBoost solves this issue as you can add more bandwidth to your mobile internet connection by joining multiple 3G connections into one shared WiFi Hub. Start sharing 3G today with your friends and gain an multiplier to your internet speed.

JoikuBoost WiFi network can be secured just like JoikuSpot WiFi access point. JoikuBoost users can choose which other JoikuBoost connections they allow in their WiFi Hub. The bits get routed via multiple phones and underlying operator 3G networks resulting into higher internet speed and throughput.

With 4 connected Boost clients using 3 different operator 3G networks we have evidenced an increase of 3.4X multiplier to the mobile internet speed in our lab environment. How much additional speed are you able to Boost through your operator's 3G?

JoikuBoost complements JoikuSpot. JoikuBoost adds to JoikuSpot with a capability to multiplex 3G connections into one WiFi bitpipe (3G sharing with friends). When used as a standalone client (no additional Booster phones connected to the WiFi network), JoikuBoost operates exactly as JoikuSpot. The difference is also that JoikuBoost is in BETA, which means that connection quality in JoikuSpot is at the moment in better stability level as JoikuSpot is a commercial quality product. JoikuSpot is a single 3G internet connection WiFi sharing utility whereas JoikuBoost is a multi-client 3G WiFi sharing solution.

JOIKUBOOST BETA IS FREE and offered on as is basis. We hope to get loads of FEEDBACK of beta version functionality, performance, feature wishes, UI, ease of use and beta phase bugs. Please report any such at Please also share your views at our discussion forum at main page. Read FAQ and User guide.

Known issues in Beta:

- Only the primary Boost phone (the one that creates the WiFi network for other Booster phones to join in to) displays the full WiFi network speed. The Booster phones only show their own speed.
- If primary Boost phone leaves the network, the connection jams
- It takes 10-20 seconds for Boost impact to take effect
- Old phone firmwares dont work well (please update to get proper WLAN drivers)
- Peering the phones is manual (autopeering and buddy lists added later)
- Sometimes server does not respond in start up (try again)
- Boost WLAN network discovery may disappear from booster phones after stopping the connection (start over the boost network and wlan appears again)

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