Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forum Nokia founder said to leave Nokia ?

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David Wood’s announcement to leave the Symbian Foundation has apparently spurred another key figure to do the same?

A comment to his retirement blog post states the following:

You made the right decision. I remember, when I got my first Psion 3 around 1994. It was the best PDA at that time. Battery powered but worked weeks in my daily use. We linked it to new Nokia 2110 mobile phone and it allowed mobile e-mail and other services. Nokia 9000 Communicator was announced 1996 and that was like Psion 3 and mobile phone merged into one device. But 9000 Communicator used old GEOS OS and needed new better OS. That is how Nokia found Epoc and that is how Symbian started. Nokia started using Symbian OS. Also many other companies started to use Symbian OS.
I have been working for Nokia 36 years and I made same decision than you. From 1st of October 2009 it is time to explore the new ventures and dig into new things for which I did not have time during my busy Nokia life.
Lauri Hirvonen
Founder of Forum Nokia, dotMobi company and now CEO of new company. 

As of now, this has not been confirmed. However, it sounds reasonable – and might just pave the way for further resignments in the near future.

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