Wednesday, October 21, 2009

David Wood resigns from Symbian Foundation

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David Wood can be considered the developer-side mascot of Symbian. A well-liked and friendly person, he can be considered the equivalent to bob Pease from National.

Unfortunately, his time at Symbian has now come to an end. A statement on his personal blog reads as follows:

…Anyone who has dipped into my personal blog or followed my tweets will have noticed my deep interest in topics such as: the future of energy, accelerated climate change, accelerated artificial intelligence, looming demographic changes and the longevity dividend, life extension and the future of medicine, nanotechnology, smart robotics, abundance vs. scarcity, and the forthcoming dramatic societal and personal impacts of all of these transformations. In short, I am fascinated and concerned about the breakthrough future of technology, as well as by the breakthrough future of smartphones.

It’s time for me to spend a few months investigating if I can beneficially deploy my personal skills in advocacy, analysis, coordination, envisioning, facilitation, and troubleshooting (that is, my skills as a “catalyst and futurist”) in the context of some of these other “future of technology” topics.

Over the next few days, I’ll be handing over my current Symbian Foundation responsibilities to colleagues and partners. I’ll become less active on Symbian blogs, forums, and emails. For those who wish to bid me “bon voyage”, I’ll be happy to chat over a drink at SEE09 – by which time I will have ceased to be an employee with the Symbian Foundation, and will simply be an enthusiastic supporter and well-wisher.

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