Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Telexy Networks: New Releases !

Posted on 08:41 by SlipKoRnSaad

New versions of Telexy's applications released and they are now available for download from the Telexy Networks website (

These new software releases include bug fixes and several new features as requested by you our customers.

Following is a list of features and enhancements for each product:

New Features and Enhancements:

SymRDP :
- Added "Left handed" mouse support
- Added Zoom
- Added "Always Ask" Access Point support
- Added "Console" session support
- Added support for non-default RDP port

SymPlayer :
- Added touch screen controls (for S60 5th edition only)
- Added support for the phone's media buttons (including Volume Control)

SymNC (Telexy Network Commander) :

- Added one click copy/move ("Copy To..." & "Move to..." in "Files" submenu)
- SymRDP is now part of SymNC (for S60 5th edition only)

Also :

- Embedded components(:Cores) are installed on a drive selected by the user, but not on C: unconditionally as before
- Removed the annoying "Component missing..." warnings from the Symbian installer. However, this comes with a potential cost during uninstallation

If you have installed just one software product from the above list then there is no any specificity with uninstall. Regular uninstall procedure should be performed.

If you have installed 2 or more software products from the above list then please keep in mind that after uninstall of one of the product you may need to repeat installation for product(s) that you prefer to keep on your phone.

For example, you have two Telexy products "A" and "B". Product "A" was installed first and then "B". Two situations are possible.

1) You decided to uninstall the product "B". In this case everything will go normally.
Remaining product "A" is still operational.

2) You decided to uninstall the product "A" - this case requires special attention.
After un-installation of product "A", product "B" may lost some of components that are common for these two products because such component could be uninstalled during of uninstallation process for product "A". Therefore in this case the product "B" should be re-installed.
If you have more than one product from the above list, then all these products should be re-installed as well.

More details about this are available in User Guide for corresponding products, for example you may have a look at paragraph 6 of SymNC User guide available on this link: SymNC User Guide in PDF format.

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