Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nokia N86 Firmware v20.115 Is Now Available !

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We have talked about it, here is it !

The v20.115 update is available via NSU and OTA, and it brings:

Camera improvements:

* Improved still image quality
* Improved video quality
* Face detection added
* Red-eye removal added (Nokia note: “this is image processing which removes the red-eye. You need to be in red-eye reduction flash mode for it to be operational. Other flash modes it is disabled as there is a small shot to shot impact due to the extra image processing.”)
* New focus point indication – this shows where in the scene the camera is focussing
* Improved Close-up focus. (Nokia note: “As a result you will find in most situations you can focus much closer than before. The new focus point indication will also help in confirming which part of your subject is used for critical focus checking”)

Significant bug fixes to:

* Web
* Music store client
* RealPlayer
* Ovi Maps
* Here and Now
* N-Gage client
* Nokia Messaging

There's also now:
* Automatic VoIP re-registration.
* Ovi Chat shortcut on the homescreen
* An new Ovi services splash screen
* An Ovi Store client (though it's buggy, selections from the Options menu are problematic.... - best use the mobile Ovi Store site in the meantime?)
* An initial option to check for software updates when a customer first boots up the phone

In addition, there's more free space on C: (around 70MB when you start afresh), there's more free RAM (around 65MB after booting) and the N86 feels faster.

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