Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[How To] Install Symbian Belle Now !

Posted on 17:50 by SlipKoRnSaad

Hello guys, orvvan and Dannycanrock from dailymobile.se decided to share the files to flash your N8 with the leaked symbian Belle !

the firmware has English and Arabic just for N8 users flash at your own risk and its HACKED Just add room patcher

some bugs they found
1 - browser closes by it self in heavy use
2 - takin pics in a night time keep gettin red focus

- copy the file to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products
- use dead flash
- save belle files and replace them with the files in phoenix program then click on rdfurbish

Ps : the files named annna not belle for some reasons so don't get confused.



Please read the hole steps before doing anything :

1 - copy all Anna files not belle you should already have them( to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products )
2 - copy all belle files that u gonna download from this page to your desktop Then open phoenix then go to file - open product - choice the firmware then okay - flashing - firmware update - product code choice browse then choice the firmware then okay -
then check dead flash usb mode - then click on options- then replace the Anna files with belle files that u saved from this page to your desktop - Attention Don't forget to delete the files that u didn't replace you should have only 4 files after you replace them with belle files then you are good to go hit the okay bottom then Flash !

The Files Download them then put them together in a folder on your desktop

Links : symbian belle
1- http://www.mediafire.com/?81gr9ip861t16c5 - core
2- http://www.mediafire.com/?33hkmskba9jkh7q - rofs3 And Uda
3- http://www.mediafire.com/?ldw0e7wlxmdel63 - rofs2

if any of those links ask for a password when u unzip it the password is : orvvan + mohamad 79

OR ONE LINK HAS ALL THE FILES : Password : orvvan + mohamad 79



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Ps : if there'll be several readers interested in detailed "how to" flash to symbian belle, i can make it ^^ 


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