Tuesday, January 5, 2010

[Maemo 5 / N900 Apps] "Extra" Decoders Support 0.2 is now in extras-testing !

Posted on 04:47 by SlipKoRnSaad

Decoders Support for N900 has been updated to 0.2 :

* Added basic support for RealMedia formats (depends on my new gstreamer0.10-rm package)
* Depends on ogg-support, adding Vorbis OGG and FLAC support
* Added desktop file and mimetype xml file to play known formats from File Manager
* It also makes use of the XB-Maemo-Upgrade-Description field

A couple of things that need to be told/repeated:

- still no support for resolutions over 848x480
- still no support for Main and High profiles of H.264 (mostly used in Matroska containers, so don't complain if your MKV files don't work)
- for some reason my RealMedia test sample refuses to get indexed for the Media Player, so please use the File Manager for now.
- you can play your RealMedia, Matroska and Flash Video files from the File Manager without having to tediously select the Media Player over and over again.

Extra Decoders Support 0.3 is going to land soon with :

* MusePack audio support
* fixed an embarassing issue in one of the external deps (versioned dependency now) that might have been causing tracker segfaults

MusePack files get indexed by the Media Player, but you can't seek in those files (time slider disabled). Other than that MusePack files sound great and work fine.

Please don't update to 0.2-1, wait till you get 0.3.

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