Sunday, June 5, 2011

[Hacking] SysAp 2.2 + Splashscreen for S^3

Posted on 13:25 by SlipKoRnSaad

To continue the series of symbian^3 hacking and mods, here's another mod by CODeRUS

SysAp rebuilded from Source codes

Requirements :

- Hacked Symbian^3 device
- TweakS
- Modded R&D FileBrowser that comes with Just Hackit!

With this mod you can have control over :

- Charging/Battery low notes
- Automatically booting phone when charger connected to swithced-off phone
- FM transmitter on/off notifications
- Poversave Mode notifications
- Leave offline mode query to access network. For power key event.
- Bluetooth stays on when switching to offline mode
- !Reboot item for rebooting phone
- Poweroff NOKIA splash shows from c:/resource/apps/sysap.mif
- splashscreen shows NOKIA image when launching from c:/resource/apps/splashscreen.mif
- Automatically booting phone when alarm form switched-off state
- Fixed poweroff-splash. Rebooting much faster.
- Fixed many other mistakes.
- Recompiled using RVCT, code optimization.

How to?

- Unpack archive to C using modded R&D FileBrowser that comes with Just Hackit!
(be careful, and copy/overwrite each file(s) in dedicated folder on C) 
- Install TweakS (if not already done)
- Install sysap_coderus_en.twk plugin (you'll find it in the archive downloaded above) to TweakS (just click on file in file manager)
- Reboot phone at last.

(if tweakS will crash on some items after update select Clear option)

Who have last mod (domainsrv pack) already installed should move c:\sys\bin\domainsrv.exe first and reboot phone.

Enjoy !

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