Saturday, June 30, 2012

[Head To Head] The N82 vs 808 PureView Camera shots!

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Did you expect that? Personally what's important to me isn't to compare the 808 PureView to some real cameras or reflex or what ever, but rather compare it to past best camera devices to see the real value add to change the device and how it does in comparison with devices let's say from 2005 represented today by the lovely N82 !

An important point i verify always when i do a comparison is the color management in different scenarios, then the sharpness and compression, in the case of the 808 PureView it'd be unfair to compare sharpness as this is the All About PureView Pro technologie...but let's say you show your grandma two pictures of the exact same scene with the N82 and 808, what will she say?

As usual, those are random shots from every day life ;)

N82 followed by the 808

Ooops? Do you see what i see already?

Sorry 808, but this is white !! You should learn a little color management from your old brother N82 !

What's the **** is wrong with this pink tint/hue on the 808 on the background? (i talked about that in my N8 vs 808 too) as if the 808 was fooled by the overall pink drape and duck?

Again the most accurate result is the one with the N82 :/

Should i comment on this one? This is a macro shot...and that was the max distance for the 808 to be able to properly focus, ok we can use full zoom on the 808 but hey what about overexposure !?

Tired and confused about the fact that even the N82 is closest to the reality...this gold color not washed out gold as represented by the 808 !

While the 808 handles the exposure better, on the other side we have the same pink hue that i don't know which causes it...

Winner? No need to say it's the N82, right? (forget about pureview technology, just show that to your friends or grandma and let them judge...)

Im wondering if this is a PureView technologie or PurpleView technologie?

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