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Nokia 808 PureView In the House : Initial Impressions !

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Well, time is here where the wait is over, since February ! I've finally got my Nokia 808 PureView which for me, is the latest and the gratest True "old" Nokia, by that i mean it's probably the last iteration of what Nokia "was to be" and somewhat it's the Gap between that and what Nokia "will be" (New Nokia)...So the "old generation" Nokia Fan are gonna like it and probably have it, let me remind you just a few things :

The Nokia 808 PureView is a Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 phone featuring few tweaks on UI with boosted performance running at 1.3Ghz CPU and 512 MB of RAM (for a Symbian this is Good, or even very good i'd say, anyway it's smooth "enough" on every operation and task).

- The phone features a 41 MP camera sensor with PureView Pro imaging technology with powerful Xenon flash, LED video light and 1080p Full HD video recording with 30Fps and up to 4x lossless zoom.  (Continuous Auto Focus and Touch Focus were been added to the menu too, it was time Nokia !)

- It is also the world’s first device to include Nokia Rich Recording, which combines a unique digital microphone technology and Nokia algorithms to record distortion-free stereo audio at levels of up to 140 dB.

- 4" AMOLED ClearBlack display and 2.5 D curved Corning® Gorilla® Glass

- Active Noise Cancellation 

- Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Headphone for playback

- NFC for easy sharing and pairing (and Secure NFC)

- HDMI micro

- Bluetooth 3.0

- DLNA Certification and UPnP


- FM Transmitter

Plus other classical features we find on every high end Nokia device since the N95...yeah even  and the Stereo FM RDS Radio

So you got it, it's the most feature rich Nokia to date ! Tell me about a Nokia user that won't like that ! Not me anyway...

Anyway while waiting to publish my Head To Head vs Apple iPhone 4s, Nokia N8, N82 and eventually the N9, lets look at this beautiful (but Big and Heavy "169g") structure :

I got the white one because for me the black is lifeless and the bezel around the optic doesn't match with the "All Black" concept...

-> What i didn't like tough, and i should mention that on a more detailed take is that :

- The gallery application was heavily dumped ! For eg you can't multiple mark/select pictures for share/delete ,Long press should give more options other than tag, such as delete, mark...

- There's no 2mm charger connector, anymore...and USB charger is taking more time, especially with the 1400mA battery...ah, also, there's no "led charging" indicator so i have to check regularly to see if the device is charged yet or not...

- The events notification LED isn't bright and visually designed as on the N8...

- What i didn't like also is there's no Micro HDMI adapter, so the N8's one (mini HDMI) won't be compatible...

- It feels really big and heavy, every device you hold after playing with the 808 for 2 minutes will look much "handy", "sexier" and "thin" !! (N9, iPhone or event the N8).

- Also, the camera user interface while including some more advanced settings, is very complicated, to illustrate this situation :

--> I take my iPhone 4s, fire the camera On, take the picture, done ! It does it all ! with a single touch ! (Autofocus in macro mode mainly) !

--> with the 808, good luck to even get a proper closeup shot ! (don't worry, as you know, i have an N8, N9 among others and i know what i'm talking about) I was really upset when this happened yesterday, it's true that there's an automatic mode, even better, a scene mode, even geeky and advanced creative mode, but seriously, couldn't we do it in an easier way?

An example of the stunning DoF on a Macro Mode (after 6 tries, grrr) in pureview mode :

And a (max)Zoomed example of initial shot in pureview mode :

And Guess what ! The N8 is ashamed when it comes to the level of the details, an example? Why Not but Stay tuned the time i play with the device a little more ! ;)

Ps : This Preview was done by the iPhone 4s ;)

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